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Inge recently wrapped on the action thriller HAIMA, where she plays tomboy Haima Kellis, the daughter of a corrupt politician who fights to uncover the truth about her troubled past.  
Writer and director Colin Alwin Harris shares a few words about his experience while working with Inge. “Inge gave wonderful performances infused with delight and joy, which inspired others. Her gentle leadership and open personality encouraged a risk-taking attitude that elicited everyone’s “best”, and a collective pride in the work that encouraged others to excel.”
HAIMA will be premiering this September in Orlando, Florida. Click here to watch the trailer.

The Trouble with Rain Poster


THE TROUBLE WITH RAIN is a non-linear story that moves back and forth in time over a six year period. Inge plays Violet, one of four strangers who meet by happenstance at a train station.  These four are ‘called back’ to the train station to relive that initial meeting, where slightly different actions result in drastically altered futures. The decisions they make, the words they speak and their actions dictate how their future relationships play out.
THE TROUBLE WITH RAIN will be premiering this fall in Nashville, TN, where it was filmed.
Click here to watch the trailer.